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Charlie Saccarelli, ABOM aka Optical Nerd

Building the Perfect Team

What do an aquatic biologist, an electrical engineer/computer programmer, a network specialist, a brewer, a catering manager, a short-order cook, and a pizza-maker have in common? They all work at Chadwick Optical! When we go to meetings and talk to our optical lab peers, the conversation always turns to how bad the industry’s consolidation is, how hard business is, and how good it used to be. We want to innovate, not commiserate! Bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives is crucial to staying relevant in today’s marketplace.

Our History

Bruno & Karen, circa 1980

Bruno & Karen, circa 1980

My parents, Karen and Bruno, started Chadwick in 1980. They bought a bankrupt B & L lab when interest rates were 22%, and named it after my mom’s mentor at American Optical. I was born in 1982 and have been in the business for as long as I can remember. My crib was in the office of our first location in downtown White River Junction, Vermont. My parents took me to my first Vision Expo at age 7, I became ABO certified at 19, and have worked in all areas of eyeglass manufacturing. Also, my three LONG years of retail optical experience help me understand the challenges that doctors and opticians are dealing with.

I love consulting doctors and opticians on their tough cases. But my favorite part of owning Chadwick Optical is when I get an email or phone call to tell me that my company has changed a patient’s life for the better.

We Provide Expert Advice and Craftsmanship on Your Toughest Prescriptions

In the late 90’s, Chadwick Optical decided to take a non-traditional business path. We decided to stop trying to keep up. Other labs invested heavily in machinery to get into AR coating, robotics, and digital. We decided to be a place where doctors and opticians can call when an RX falls outside the increasingly restrictive industry-defined “normal.”

This strategy has served us well. We are a world-renowned resource for difficult and unique eyeglasses. We were the first wholesale optical laboratory to receive NIH grants for research and development. These grants were essential in the development of the Peli Lens™, a revolutionary field expanding lens for the treatment of homonymous hemianopia. Currently, we’re working in conjunction with Schepens Eye Research Institute on the development of multiplexing prisms, a potentially game-changing remedy for field-loss.

Our Philosophy

There are a lot of companies out there that find something kind of cool, and then market the heck out of it. That’s why there’s an aisle full of body wash at the store where there used to be just Dial and Irish Spring. We’re not marketers. We’re nerds that love making interesting stuff. We invest roughly 10x more in R & D than we do in marketing. So we have some really cool stuff that no one knows about. If you think of something weird, ask us. It’s probably not as weird as you think.

Working with Chadwick Optical may cost you a little bit more or it may take a little bit longer. When you work with Chadwick Optical, you are supporting innovation and creativity. You are helping us keep rare and unusual products alive and well. Thank you for your support.


Charlie Saccarelli


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