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Printable Near Card

This card, designed by our good friends at Good-Lite, prints on your standard desktop printer, and has reading sizes down to 0.8M. After printing it, make sure it printed correctly by holding a credit card up to the gauge. This will verify that the sizing on your printer is accurate. Make sure you print as full size, and not “fit to page”

Distance Acuity Measure from SECO University

Measuring Pupillary Distance

Boycotting shaving until the curve is flattened.

The overwhelming majority people have a credit card or driver’s license. Even a gift card will do the trick. These cards are all 85.6 mm wide. By taking a picture with a credit card held up to the forehead, we can easily measure the distance between a patient’s pupils and get them a pair of glasses lined up to their pupils. We can also use the credit card to determine seg heights when a patient is wearing a frame.

We are working on finding an application to do this without transmitting photographs, but for the time being, if you send a photo to us at Chadwick Optical, we’ll reply with the PD number. If you have any questions, let us know. Also, here’s a link to a video on how to measure the PD using a picture in Photoshop.

Filter Assessments

We have developed a filter comparison on our Peli Lens website. The site itself is still a work in process, but the design is user friendly for quick development of a filter comparison application.


Virtual Try-on

We are currently working on taking high quality photos of all of our frame inventory to load into a Virtual Try-on application. So people can use their webcam or their cell phone, and see how frames will look on their face. Hold tight. We have our best people on it.



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