Chadwick Optical Inc.

Our 5,000 sq ft production facility

Chadwick Optical, Inc. is an ophthalmic lens laboratory like no other.  Our mission is to create a wide array of custom ophthalmic lens designs for the visually impaired that are moderately priced and cosmetically appropriate.  By providing clinicians with a variety of solutions to better service their low vision clients, we hope to improve quality of life of the visually impaired and allow them to regain their rightful place in society and the workforce.

Founded in 1980, Chadwick Optical is headed by Karen Keeney, President.  She was reared in a low vision household.  The influences of her beloved legally blind grandfather, Charles Barber, and her optical mentor, John Chadwick, are a driving force behind this company.

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What’s New at Chadwick

Wrap Frame for minus lenses. Prices vary per style, please call for details.

New Peli Research Paper Available
Randomized Crossover Clinical Trial of Real and Sham Peripheral Prism Glasses for Hemianopia

Alex R. Bowers, PhD; Karen Keeney, MSBA; Eli Peli, MSc, OD

Array of NoIR Medical Filters and 6 Chadwick Filters on Key Ring.

TV Specs RX


Rx and/or filter correction in the Eschenbach MaxTV, MaxDetail, MaxEvent, or the popular generic TV spec shown. Contact us for details.

Generic TV Spec shown with
OD –6.00 –1.00

OS Noir Green Plano

Wiley X Now Available through Chadwick Optical